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What is the Difference Between Grapene vs Ceramic Coatings?

Ceramic coatings initially entered the automotive market in the 2010s and became an innovation in car care technology. These coatings provided superior UV and environmental protection to vehicles compared to traditional waxes and sealants and gained popularity among car enthusiasts and consumers alike. Unlike waxes and sealants that are layered on top of the car's paint, ceramic coatings are chemically bonded with the paint. These coatings were made from variations of Silicon, Silicon Dioxide, and other forms of Silicates.

What is Graphene Coatings?

In 2020, Graphene coatings started entering the market with lots of buzz and speculation. Graphene is an evolution of ceramic coating technology that is more durable and stronger than ceramic coatings. Graphene coatings like the ones we use at Robust Auto Detailing chemically combine Silazane with Graphene which turns the product into a hybrid coating that lasts 3, 5, or 10 years depending on the type of coating. These Graphene coatings also provide superior water spot resistance, hydrophobic surface, and hardness.

Chemistry of Graphene

Graphene is graphite(Carbon) that constructs a single atom thick layer that forms a honeycomb lattice structure with a transparent sheet. This structure is 200 times stronger than steel and six times lighter and more flexible.

Comparison with Ceramic Coatings

Graphene and Ceramic coatings act very similarly but graphene is currently the strongest material on Earth! It's also the thinnest material due to its atomic nanostructure. As aforementioned, Graphene coatings also are less prone to water spotting, reduce heat absorption and offer superior durability.

Overall, Graphene coatings are superior to Ceramic Coatings and well worth it when it comes to installing on your vehicle.

Are you ready to get your vehicle with the best and latest technology in car care? We are always evolving our products and craftsmanship so you get the best of the best. Book now to have a coating installed on your vehicle.

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