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One Step Polishing & Detailing on Black Metallic Ford Edge in Napa, California

This Ford Edge had beautiful flakes that were masked by swirls and scratches all over the vehicle. Though the car was in good condition and the customer wanted to just have a normal exterior detail, we recommended the customer to get a one-step aggressive polishing job so that it would get rid of majority of the scratches and swirls, leaving a very slick and glossy finish.

When a car is polished, a very tiny amount of clear coat is removed. This amount is nothing to be concerned about. This is the result from our moderate one-step polishing and paint correction:

Isn’t it crazy? Overall, this left the car looking beautiful and the metallic flakes popped off like crazy:

Ready to get your car detailed and polished the right way? Book us now using a detailing package or have a coating installed to protect your car without the need to wax it again.

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