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Paint Restoration & Ceramic Coating a Classic Mercedes: A Perfect and Unique Gift to Your Loved One!

Dan first reached out to me to get his wife a birthday present for his wife. The car was in relatively good condition but the outside did have lots of swirls, scratches and blemishes on the vehicle. It didn’t have the radiant ‘pop’ that comes with a shiny red car. What’s also interesting to note here is that the vehicle has a single stage paint. This means that it doesn’t have clear coat on it. That’s why, while polishing the vehicle, the polishing pad turned red! It’s totally normal but also indicates that the car’s paint is fragile compared to clear coated paints and would be trickier to work with.

Side note: single stage paints are prone to oxidation but regular clear coated paints don’t oxidize… though you can’t beat the gloss you can achieve with a single stage paint. Below is a picture of the buffing pad!

After washing and decontaminating(clay) the vehicle, I polished the vehicle gently and slowly as to not burn through the paint and maintain an even surface. As you can see below, the swirls and scratches that were distinctly there are completely gone! Magical, isn’t it?

Overall, the results came out looking phenomenal and the glossy red really came out on the vehicle. After polishing, I installed a semi-permanent graphene based paint coating on the vehicle. It’s important to note that single stage coating is a lot more finicky to work with so it has to be applied slowly and in smaller sections compared to clear coat finishes.

What do you think? Do you plan to give your loved one a special and unique gift of a shiny and protected car? Comment below or book us to take your vehicle to a whole new level of aesthetics.


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