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One Step Paint Correction and Coating a 2018 Red Tesla Model 3 in Napa, California

Not gonna lie, this red Tesla Model 3 was in a relatively good condition. However, the paint was marred by very light scratches. I gave the car a nice wash, clay bar treatment and gave it a one step light cut paint correction(polishing) job and voila, massive improvement! Check it out below:

The left side is without the one-step while the right picture is after the one-step process. Crazy difference, isn’t it?

This entire process was then repeated all over the vehicle to get the results shown at the very top. The car looks very radiant and glossy. The surface was smooth and looked absolutely stunning. The customer thought the car had gone back to its show room condition. I think, when it comes to gloss, the car looks better than show room finish! Why do I say that? Well, because, I’ve worked with Teslas that literally come to me from the factory!

The car was then given a graphine coating and now the car will look stunning for years to come while making maintenance a breeze. Will you get your car coated? Book now!

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