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Permanent Ceramic Coating on an Aston Martin Vanquish in Napa for a Winery in the Bay Area

This 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish came to me looking all ready in a good condition. With a car like this, the task is to take the vehicle to another level of gloss and protection. The front end (including the hood, minus the carbon fiber) had clear film all ready on it. Opti-Coat Pro Plus tends to work in synergy with most clear films so this was not going to be an issue. There were a couple of swirls here and there but overall, the paint was in great shape.

Additionally, the vehicle had some bug splatters on it along with being extremely dusted up!

At the start, the vehicle was pre-soaked with various cleaning detergents including diluted All-Purpose Cleaners(to help with light bug splatters) and Ferrex(to remove above surface Brake dust deposits). Then, the vehicle was given a nice wash with the Big Red Sponge. Since the car was only a little dusted up, this was a safe way to get the surface cleaned up.

The car was then given a clay bar treatment using Nanoskin Clay Towel and diluted Optimum No Rinse as the clay lubricant. The wheels were also given a cleaning at this time.

The Bug splatters were gone after this process and the face of the wheel looked great as well.

After drying it up, the vehicle looked quite good all ready. However, it was time to pull the car back and polish it to remove surface defects while enhancing the gloss and priming the paint for the coating. ​

The polishing of the vehicle took another 6+ hours and the Optimum's Hyper Polishing System was used to quickly enhance and recondition the paint of the vehicle. For smaller pieces, such as the carbon fiber skirts, the 3 inch buffer was used.

After giving the vehicle a nice wipe down with Optimum Surface Prep, the paint was finally prepared to be coated with Opti-Coat Pro. A soft and non-abrasive foam pad was used to apply the coating to the surface.

Lastly, the Pro Plus topper was applied to the vehicle as well. This enhanced the gloss marginally, added anti-water spotting resistance and made the paint feel slick. It was applied using a microsuede applicator to ensure even and leveled application.

The tires were eventually cleaned, dressed and the car was given another wash after two weeks. Bonus: The vehicle also received the Opti-Guard(Leather) coating on the inside to protect the leather from deterioration. Overall, the customer and his colleagues at work were very happy seeing the results.

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