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Properly Installed Ceramic Coating Makes a Tesla Shine! Pictures included.

I get Teslas on regular basis and it seems like the community is addicted to protecting their vehicle. All over the Bay Area, from Napa to San Jose, from North Bay to East Bay, I've been brought down to install films and coatings on these beautiful vehicles. Here's a Tesla I recently did in Marin County(Mill Valley) and it looked like an absolute stunner! Why is that you may ask?

Well, this was one of the better paints on a Tesla I had seen in a while. Taking this from a new car finish to an absolutely high gloss finish was the goal here. As far as any paint correction is concerned, I only did a bit of spot work here and there but mostly the vehicle was in pristine condition... though some of my industry friends would pull out a microscope and disagree! Let me rephrase - functionally speaking, this car looked brilliant! Now, to take this to a whole new glossy finish, I employed a soft foam pad with a Rupes Bigfood Mark II polisher and the iBrid Mini Polisher(1" extension) to help me take this vehicle to an insane level of gloss and shine. The pictures do not do justice to how good the vehicle looked in person. After the polishing process, the vehicle was given our two-tier 7 year ceramic coating that enhanced the gloss, added anti-waterspotting and made the surface slick and smooth to touch! As you can see, the reflection on this vehicle was incredible and the customer reached out to us after a few hours and commended us on how good the car looked!

Seems like Tesla owners enjoy working with my company. I just looked at my e-mail and have a customer who is willing to drive from practically SoCal to get work done on his Tesla! Most customers who come to me know that this is not a shop where your car is just another car being catered by several employees. Your car is essentially unique and has its own story to tell. Hence, I treat it as such. It is given nurtured and given that extra effort and care that makes the difference. Beyond that, my company strives to help customers solve a problem rather than upsell them into buying something they don't need. Whatever happened to the family style honesty? Is it all just about making money for businesses? Nah. Not for us. After all, it's the experieince that matters in life more than anything! You will be treated like our own family. Solid protection, solid customer service and a solid attitude. Honesty, integrity, aesthetics, care and realistic expectations! Here's the rest of the artwork of the Tesla:

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