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Silver GMC Denali 5-Year Coating, Paint Correction and Fixing Previous Detailer’s Interior Detailing

Nestled in the heart of Napa, California, we recently had the opportunity to showcase our unparalleled expertise and dedication to quality. A new customer, referred by a satisfied family member, entrusted us with their 2023 Sterlin Metallic GMC Sierra Denali, seeking both a protective coating and a thorough interior detailing. Their goal? To maintain the vehicle's pristine condition for at least five years.

The Challenge: Rectifying Previous Detailing Flaws

Upon arrival, it was clear that the Denali had previously fallen victim to subpar detailing work. Chrome parts were stained, and the interior was coated with an oily protectant that attracted dust and hair, leaving unsightly patches on plastic surfaces and panels. Moreover, the presence of overspray inside was a glaring sign of poor craftsmanship from the last detailer.

Our Approach: Meticulous Exterior and Interior Revival

We initiated the revival with our signature ceramic foam wash, coupled with an iron removal process for the wheels, ensuring all brake dust was dissolved without damaging the wheel’s finish. Drying was meticulously handled using a high GSM plush microfiber towels to avoid

any scratches and complimented by a detailed blowing of water from crevices and nooks to ensure no water would impact the polishing process and installation of coating.

Our assessment revealed the need for clay bar treatment on certain areas, especially horizontal surfaces. This step was crucial not just for the paint’s smoothness and glossy finish but also for ensuring the optimal bonding of our protective coating. Post-clay bar treatment, the Denali underwent a sectional polishing process with a light cut pad and medium cut polish, specifically chosen to complement its color and finish. The result was a mirror-like appearance, ready for the final steps.

The Finishing Touch: A Signature 5-Year Coating

After a thorough detox to eliminate any polishing residue, we applied our signature 5-year coating, providing the Denali with maximum protection against the elements and everyday wear and tear. The coverage of the ceramic coating included all painted surfaces, polycarbonates(lights), and the face of all the wheels.

The interior received equal attention. A meticulous blow and vacuum process was followed by pressure washing the rubber floor mats. All plastic, carpet, and leather surfaces were cleaned, with special care taken to remove the previous detailer’s oily residue using an alkaline detergent. The leather surfaces were then treated with a high-quality protectant, ensuring longevity and aesthetics. All glass surfaces were cleaned and buffed while doorjambs were also wiped.

The Outcome: A Pristine GMC Denali Turning Heads

By the end of our extensive detailing process, the 2023 GMC Denali not only regained its original luster but surpassed it, drawing admiring glances on the street. The customer was thrilled with the outcome, which not only met but exceeded their expectations.

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