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A Two Step Paint Correction Removes Crazy Water Spots on a Black Range Rover

This Black Range Rover belonged to a customer in Napa and he was looking to simply have the vehicle polished so that it would look a bit better. Suffice to say, the car, before I even laid my hands on it, was covered in swirl marks and deep etched water spots. Water spots can be very tricky to deal with and hard spots like the ones on this car required more than just washing, clay and chemical treatment.

I told the customer that instead of doing just a one-step polishing, his vehicle would be better off with a two-step correction process. And voila, the vehicle started to look amazing. Just look at how bad the water spots were and what happened to them after the first of the second step process:

Crazy results, right? Two step process involves first aggressively compounding the vehicle and then polishing up as the second step. Compounding, as you can see above how strong it is, leaves fine swirl marks that need to be removed in order to leave a glossy wet and mirror-like finish. Just look at how clean the surface looks on the front hood after two-step correction:

The Range Rover was then given a sealant that would last 6 months and protect the vehicle from chemical damage. Do you have a vehicle that can use a two-step correction process? Comment and let us know. If you’d like to take your vehicle up to a whole new level, contact us and lets get the ball rolling!

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