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Proper Polishing and Ceramic Graphene Coating Makes a 5 Year Old Truck Look Better than New!

This was a 2017 truck that the customer wanted to give a nice breather. The truck came in good condition but also had several swirls here and there. When you get such a vehicle, the goal is to something good and turn it into something excellent.

In this case, the truck was given a very nice one-step polishing process using a medium cut polish and a light cut finishing pad. Due to this, the diminishing abrasives in the polish broke down and left a very soft and fine finish at the end. The customer was impressed at how it looked after the polishing job.

As you can see from the pictures above, it has a mirror finish. After the polishing, the truck was given a thorough cleanse using a dedicated residue remover and primer. Then a graphene coating was layered on top of this paint to protect it for 3 years to come. Looks better than new? Yup!

Ready to get your car coated and protected for years to come? Contact us and lets get the ball rolling!

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