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10 Year Ceramic Coating on a New White Tesla Model Y

Updated: Feb 14

I really like the Tesla Model Ys. After a few years of some interestingly 'odd' paintjobs, most new Teslas come with a pretty good finish on their paints. Overall, these vehicles are fantastic and I'm glad that more people are supporting innovation and pursuing the electric path. Honestly, I find beauty in all vehicles, disregarding if they are electric or gasoline. Each of them, from a detailing perspective, an expression of science, engineering and arts. How can you not appreciate that?

Our customer had their car parked outside and considering most Tesla's are daily drivers, getting a ceramic coating on this vehicle was a fantastic idea. Interestingly, the customer was recommended by my other customer who got their RV done. I'm not sure if they will ever read this but both these customers and their respective spouses were very nice people who I had a great time chatting. I really can not thank enough for the great customers I come across and sometimes, I think we have to step back and realize that business is a bit more than just work done. It's an experience I truly hope that my conversations and whatever I did or said brought value to their lives as they did to mine. It's humbling, exciting and humor filled.

The vehicle looked gorgeous. I gave it a good signature wash, some clay bar treatment and very light polishing. This really brought up the deep and rich white color, leaving a radiant finish. The results speak for themselves.

Do you plan to get a Tesla? Would you get it coated or protected? Comment below and let me know.

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