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Two Step Paint Correction & Graphene Coating on a 2012 Black Maserati

Updated: Feb 14

The customer today was a blast to chat with and work with and some days I feel blessed and humbled to be in the company of great minds and personalities. There is only one ”before” picture of the vehicle which you can see it above. The customer wanted to keep this vehicle as a garage queen for a substantial period of time. Meanwhile, the car was in relatively good condition, save for some light scratches all around the vehicle.

I recommended getting a one-step correction process to rejuvenate the vehicle. However, the customer wanted to take the vehicle to a whole new level of gloss so we went with a two-step correction process followed by a 2 year graphine based Coating.

Two step correction involves one step of compounding of the vehicle which is followed by a polishing process. The second step is necessary because the compounding process is very aggressive and leaves its own swirl marks.

As you can see, the car looks like a mirror by the time it was completed. If you have a car that is 5 years or older, a two step process will work wonders on the vehicle. Are you ready to get your car restored and coated?

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