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We Installed a Graphene Coating on a New Toyota Highlander and The Gloss is Off the Charts!

We recently came across a Yelp customer who had directly booked our 10-year graphene coating from our online booking link and service. She had just purchased a new Toyota Highlander and, since she had kids at home, she was looking for a way to protect her new car from environmental damage while keeping the car maintenance simple and convenient.

Something that struck out in this Toyota Highlander was that it looked black in the shade or overcast lighting while having blue-midnight metallic flakes in the paint when viewed in direct sunlight. Upon closer inspection, we noticed that the Highlander's paint was lightly swirled with sparse scratches all over the car. The mission was set!

We started by giving the car a ceramic pressure wash with deionized water and then dried the car with high GSM plush microfiber towels. Then our detailers used a soft clay bar treatment to remove any above-surface contaminants from the horizontal surfaces of the Highlander while simultaneously applying a pH-neutral iron remover to clear out any break dust on the car's wheels. After this process, we used a car blower to remove any remaining water in crevices to ensure that moisture would not hinder our polishing and coating process.

Using a buffer, light-cut buffing bad, and a moderate-cut polish, we removed scratches and swirls from the car's painted surfaces. Since the polishing process leaves a residue that can interfere with the car's coating application, we used a detox cleaner to strip the paint of any residue while also priming the car's painted surfaces for proper coating adhesion.

Finally, we carefully installed our 10-year graphene coating on the car's surface, creating a pristine, glossy, and smooth finish on the Highlander. Under overcast lighting, we inspected the car's paint to ensure that there were no high spots and polish residues that would cause permanent etchings and blemishes that would cause cosmetic damage to the vehicle. Since the car would be driven by the customer in the rain the next day, we decided to give a graphene sealant treatment on top of the coating which ensured that the coating we just installed would be properly cured despite getting wet within a week of the coating's installation.

Did you know that your car's cosmetics are valued at about 30% of its retail price? Long-term car protection such as installing a high-quality ceramic and graphene coating on your vehicle can give you peace of mind and protection for the lifecycle of the car, saving you time and money. Give us a call at 707-681-5944, email, or book our services right away.

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