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What is Iron Remover and Why You Should Never Wax Your Car Without Removing Iron!

Many people think that after you wash your car, you can simply put a wax on it. A select few know that you need to clay your vehicle before you wax or coat it. Only enthusiasts and detailers know how to remove iron from the wheels and the surface of the vehicle. Lastly, on the best of the detailers know how to do it properly without causing damage to your vehicle.

When you drive your car on the road, industrial fallout and brake dust getting embedded onto your car is inevitable. This can be very prominent and visible on white cars. Even on cars that have gone through a clay bar treatment can still have rough spots or below surface contaminants. These are all usually iron and debris deposits that can scratch your surface when you try to wax the vehicle without removing them. These deposits are hard to detect and only a keen observation and awareness lets you see them, especially on darker colored vehicles.

Iron deposit can eat through your car’s paint very fast and start damaging the primer and the body of the vehicle itself! Therefore, it is very important to do an iron removal treatment at least twice a year and is included as part of our base detailing package. In a nutshell, iron removal is done using a dedicated chemical that is sprayed on to the surface and worked into the surface without abrasion and then rinsed off. Combining this with a clay bar treatment leaves a silky smooth and pristine glossy finish. Not doing a proper iron removal will cause way more harm to the surface of the vehicle because these contaminants will move around the surface undetected when you wax your car. This will cause deep scratches that will have to be buffed off.

As you can see, proper detailing ensures that your car’s finish stays amazing for years to come. Book us now to have your car properly detailed and protected.

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