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Iron Removal, Polishing & Graphene Coating Gives This White Mercedes a Sparkling and Glossy Finish

American Canyon, Napa, California: As much as black vehicles show every scratch and swirl, white vehicles show every blemish and etching that isn’t masked by the white finish. Industrial fallout, iron deposits, tree sap and bird droppings are clearly visible like a sore thumb.

In such cases, especially if the vehicle is a year or more old, a proper surface decontamination in the form of iron and sap removal along with a clay treatment is essential. This becomes even more important if you’re planning to install a coating on the vehicle as coatings lock in everything underneath since they chemically bond on top of the vehicle.

Below are examples of how iron removal can create a massive difference. All the purple you see in the first 4 pictures show a dedicated iron removal chemical that reacts with iron deposits and dissolves them into ”purple bleed”. Now notice the insane clarity in the last two pictures below by simply doing iron removal and clay bar treatment.

After the surface decontamination, the vehicle was then given a light cut polishing using a medium to light cut polishing pad and a diminishing abrasive medium cut polish. Overall, this left an extremely glossy pearly and milky white finish.

All of this gloss was further enhanced and sealed by using a graphene coating that would protect the vehicle for 3 years to come. The car will be parked outside in the elements the coating will make maintenance of the vehicle easier while maintaining superior gloss.

What do you think? Do you have a white car that you may have noticed has several environmental contaminants? Comment below or book online to get your car polished and protected.

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