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2-Step Paint Correction & 5 Year Graphene Coating on a Black Tesla Model S

This was a beautiful Tesla in St. Helena, Napa Valley, and came with quite a few scratches and swirls. Overall, the car looked good but we recommended to the customer to get a two step correction on the paint and then a graphene coating.

First, the Tesla Model S was given a rinseless wash followed by surface decontamination and clay bar treatment. After this, the car was given a hard cut compounding process that got rid of the deeper scratches and swirls. The hard cut involved a foam wool pad which is one of the most aggressive processes that can be done to a car! This process of compounding also leaves swirls of its own so a final polishing process was done to not only remove the swirls from the compounding process but further clear up finer scratches and swirls on the painted surfaces. The polishing process also prepares the surface for proper bonding of the coating on the vehicle.

After the polishing, the car was given a proper cleansing using a dedicated surface cleaner and primer that clears the surface of all oils and residue. Finally, the car is coated with a dedicated 5-year Graphene coating and left to cure for an hour. As you can see, the gloss and looks are insane for a nearly 3 year old car which had seen its fair share of wear and tear. Many of the blemishes were removed and the car looked better than it was new!

Are you ready to get the car coated and protected for years to come? Book now.


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