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Unparalleled Gloss on a Brand New Tesla Model S using a 10 Year Graphene Coating in Napa, California

When we started coating vehicles, the latest technologies were silicon dioxide with silicon carbide based coatings just recently entering the market. Silicon dioxide coatings were durable for 2-3 years while the silicon carbide coatings, despite less slick, would last for 5 years. Now, we, at Robust Auto Detailing, have moved to graphene based coatings that last for 10 years and look amazing too.

Check out this brand new Tesla Model S that we coated. This vehicle was barely a week or so old and the customer contacted me to coat it right away. This is how the car should be coated: as soon as possible! The longer it is kept from being coated, the more work is required to coat it and the car is prone to permanent damage without the coating on it.

The Tesla Model S was first washed, given a clay bar treatment and then using a light to medium cut polish and buffing pad was given a thorough paint correction. Overall, the car started to look like a glossy red pearl with a slick surface. After the correction process, the vehicle was cleansed using a dedicated residue remover. This last process is very important because it removes the polish residue while priming the surface for the coating and ensures proper bonding of the coating to the clear coat.

After the cleansing, the car was coated using a 10 year graphene coating. It looked amazing! The customer was quite happy with the results and we loved working on it. Are you ready to get your car coated? Book us and let us make your car shiny and protected for years to come!

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