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Cautionary Tale of Dealership ‘Coatings’ & ‘Sealants’ and Coating a New Metallic Black Range Rover

Isn’t she a beauty? I absolutely love this metallic black Range Rover Sport and the customer was an amazing and hospitable guy! Now, normally, I get cars that are sometimes dirty but being dirty wasn’t the big problem here.

The customer had told me that the car came with a long term protectant or coating installed by the dealership but as you can tell from the pictures below, the protection was relatively ok but on the horizontal surfaces, especially the top, the protection was gone! Look below and notice how the water droplets are not beading or sheeting. This means the wax ix nearly or totally gone:

After the wash, I noticed that the vehicle also had some water spots on it. I recommended the customer to get the entire vehicle polished and coated. After this discussion, I gave it a water spot removal treatment along with a one-step polishing process. This got rid of the majority of the swirls and water spots while giving the vehicle a drastic makeover.

Once this gradual process was completed, the vehicle was then coated with a 3 year graphine based coating which took the gloss of the vehicle to the next level. By the end of this entire process, it started to look like a black pearl. What do you think? Would you go for a specialized installer when it comes to your new vehicle as well? Comment below.

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