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Detailing Madness: How a Full Day of Professional Paint Correction and Coating Turned this Black Jaguar into an Head-Turning Black Pearl

Are you ready for something special? Our customer this time called us to have his 1992 Range Rover paint corrected and coated earlier. He was so impressed by our work on the Range Rover that he immediately booked us on the spot to paint correct his black Jaguar.

When we looked at the paint of the Jaguar, we noticed it had many scratches, etches, and swirls on it. This car was going to need a crazy makeover! We started the paint correction detail by first giving the car a wash using a soft high GSM wash mitt in combination with a ceramic foam cannon and deionized water. This wash process precariously cleaned up the black Jaguar of all dirt and debris while not causing any scratches and swirls on the vehicle's surface.

A quick inspection with a soft glove revealed that only certain horizontal surfaces needed a clay bar treatment. Why clay bar on specific surfaces? Clay bar treatment, on its own, can potentially add scratches and swirls to the vehicle and when done on surfaces that don't have any above-surface contaminants would have the potential to cause more harm to the paint than any good.

After the clay bar treatment and ceramic wash, we used a blower to remove any water from nooks and crevices that could potentially interfere with the compounding, polishing, and coating process to follow.

Once we blew all water from the vehicle's nooks and crannies, we used a heavy-cut compound combined with a foam wool pad to repeatedly and sectionally remove deep scratches, swirls, and blemishes from the vehicle's painted surfaces. Since compounding the car's paint leaves holograms and swirl marks, we followed up the compounding by polishing the entire vehicle using a medium-cut polish and a light-cut foam pad. After performing this elaborate process of compounding and polishing the Jaguar's paint, the vehicle's surface looked like a reflective noir black pearl!

Next, we used a detox treatment on the vehicle's surface that stripped the paint of all polish and compound residue while priming the surface for coating installation. Finally, we did a closing inspection and installed a 5-year graphene coating on the Jaguar's painted surfaces. The pictures in this article say it all!

Did you know that your car's cosmetics are valued at about 30% of its retail price and having a professional paint correction done on your can increase its value by thousands of dollars? Keeping a meticulous appearance and protecting it using coatings can put money back into your wallet! Give us a call at 707-681-5944, email, or book our services right away.

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