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Two Step Paint Correction & Polishing Makes this Black Mercedes SLK Look Like a Black Wet Mirror

We found this black Mercedes here in Napa, Bay Area, California, with lots of swirls and scratches all over the car. The customer had initially hired us to do just the hood and roof because someone had tried to remove pollen from the car using a very abrasive method which left very deep swirls all over it.

The problem with removing swirls and pollen on a very specific area on the car is that, on a car that’s very swirled up to begin with, the cleaner and polished areas stick out like sore thumbs. We recommended the customer to do a two-step compound and polish paint correction on the vehicle. Compounding a car removes some of the deeper scratches and swirls and since the compounding process is so aggressive, it leaves swirl marks of its own! In order to get rid of those compounding swirls, the car has to be polished in order to leave a mirror-like gloss.

This was the customer’s wife’s car and eventually he let us do a two step paint correction on his car. Just look at how INSANE the results are after a two step process:

The surface still had very deep scratches and swirls but the difference was night and day and looked better than many new cars you’d get from a dealership! The car looked dropping wet mirror-like! We then put a coat of sealant on the vehicle and the customer and his wife were absolutely blown away by how good the car looked!

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