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Breathtaking Transformation of a Porsche 911 Turbo in Napa, California with a Two-Step Paint Correct

Napa, California is synonymous with luxury and class, and when it comes to cars, nothing embodies these attributes quite like a Porsche 911 Turbo. A recent project at Robust Auto Detailing showcased the jaw-dropping impact of our expert detailing services on such a masterpiece.

Our customer's wife gifted her husband with our top-tier detailing service for his birthday. The Porsche was in good shape, but its Paint Protection Film (PPF) had seen better days, and some swirls and scratches marred the car’s surface.

What Did We Do?

We embarked on a meticulously planned 2-step paint correction process, combining an aggressive compound to remove deep scratches and swirls with a follow-up light cut polishing to eliminate any marks left by the initial step.

1. Two-Step Paint Correction Process

The first step was executed with precision and care using an aggressive compound that dealt with the deep scratches and swirls on the paint and the PPF. Since PPF can be tricky to work with due to its gummy residue, we proceeded cautiously.

The second step involved light cut polishing with a medium cut polish and a soft foam pad. This process not only removed additional scratches and swirls but also took care of any marks left by the initial compounding.

2. Wheel Detailing

Porsche cars, known for their performance, generate significant brake dust. Therefore, we utilized a dedicated iron removal process to cleanse the wheels immaculately.

3. Graphene Sealant Application

Finally, the crowning touch: a synthetic graphene sealant. This marvel not only boosted the gloss and slickness of the vehicle but also fortified it against chemical damage for 6-12 months.

Why Robust Auto Detailing?

Our team’s dedication to perfection and the finest detailing technology set us apart. We treat every car like it’s our own and understand the emotional value behind it.

We are renowned for using high-quality products, and our experienced technicians have an eye for detail that's unmatched. Our 2-step paint correction process is particularly recommended for vehicles aged between 3-5 years that need a complete makeover.

The customer and his wife were blown away by the mirror-like finish and the striking rejuvenation of the Porsche. At Robust Auto Detailing, we don't just service cars; we transform them.

If you want your car to not only look brand new but also be protected for months to come, book our services now. Witness the fusion of technology and craftsmanship at Robust Auto Detailing.

We rejuvenate dreams on wheels.

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