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Coating a White Tesla Model Y in Petaluma, California

My favorite customers have always been those who ask the right questions and then let me give them the best experience possible when it comes to their car and as a customer. All of my customers are like my family and this customer in Petaluma was fantastic and asked me all the right questions regarding getting their car coated.

It’s always best, at least when it comes to working with us, to let us know if this is your first time having your car coated. For most people, it generally is their first time and I(Fahad) did my best to inform the customer about coatings.

The car was in very good condition when it came to me. It was sparkling white with practically no issues with the paint so any correctional work was minimal. This gave me more time to do a more thorough job when it comes to coating coverage and inspection. The car was washed, decontaminated, corrected, prepared for coating using a dedicated residue remover and then coated. Gorgeous to say the least!

I had a bit more time so I locked the paint with a topper sealant which can help with the coating curing process but it’s not mandatory at all! Honestly, it was more about taking the gloss and slickness to another level than an extra protection the vehicle was going to get! I just like to see my customers happy.

Anyway, good times! Do you plan to have your vehicle coated? Comment below or skip everything and book us!

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