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Coating Maintenance Wash and Interior Detail on a New Black Cadillac Escalade in Sonoma

In the scenic vineyards of Sonoma, California, a client with a 2023 Black Cadillac Escalade entrusted Robust Auto Detailing to refresh their luxury vehicle. Our task was to uphold the integrity of the existing ceramic coating while delivering a meticulous cleaning and detailing service, both inside and out.

Tailored Exterior Care for Ceramic Coated Vehicles

Understanding the finer nuances of maintaining a ceramic-coated vehicle, we began with a premium wash using pH-neutral ceramic shampoo. This choice ensured the long-term protection of the coating as harsh detergents and shampoos can cause damage to the ceramic and graphene coating. We then carefully air-dried the vehicle, paying close attention to the nooks and crannies to prevent water retention.

A major concern for vehicles in residential and especially winery settings is water spotting. To counter this, we employed a high-quality water deionizing system during the wash. This advanced approach was crucial in preventing the formation of water spots, a common issue in areas with mineral-rich water sources. It is important to note that despite some ceramic and graphene coatings can protect against some water spotting, even the best ceramic and graphene coatings are still susceptible to water spotting. In such cases, coatings serve as a sacrificial barrier against hard water spotting which can near instantly damage the car's paint and glass.

The final touch to the exterior was the application of a graphene sealant. This product not only boosted the existing coating but also added an extra layer of protection that would last for 6-12 months, enhancing the Escalade's glossy, slick finish.

Interior Revival: Focused on Cleanliness and Protection

Moving to the interior, our team adhered to our Express Interior package, starting with the removal and thorough pressure washing of the rubber mats, followed by a protectant application. We meticulously wiped down the door jambs and treated all leather surfaces with a one-step cleaning and conditioning process.

Our focus extended to the center consoles, side panels, and other plastic and vinyl surfaces, ensuring they received a one-step clean and protection treatment. This step was particularly crucial, given the customer's family lifestyle, to guarantee a sanitized and fresh environment for months to come.

The Result: A Pristine Black Pearl

Upon completion, the Escalade exuded an elegance befitting its prestigious brand. Its exterior shimmered like a black pearl, showcasing extreme slickness and a high gloss finish. Inside, the vehicle presented a fresh, clean, and inviting atmosphere, much to the delight of our client.

At Robust Auto Detailing, our commitment to quality, meticulous attention to detail, and the use of superior products set us apart in the Bay Area. Whether it's a luxury vehicle like the Cadillac Escalade or a family car, our team is equipped to provide top-notch detailing services that not only clean but also protect and enhance.

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