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Installing a Permanent Ceramic Coating on a White Volvo XC90. Pictures:

This XC 90 was all the way down in Fremont and the customer wanted to get the best protection available in the market! He had done his research and trusted that we would take care of the vehicle. When customers give us their trust, we tend to go an extra mile in order to get their car looking great. The car was given a nice wash, surface decontamination with clay bar and then polished using the Optimum Hyper Polishing System. The white paint started to look glossy and beautiful. To cap it all, the car was then coated with Opti-Coat Pro Plus. The pictures do not do it justice since it was late at the evening and the pictures were taken using our aging iPhone 6 stock camera. :(

The interior was given a cleaning as well and then coated with Opti-Guard(Leather & Vinyl) to make sure that high traffic areas were protected and easy to clean. They had a child so this protection was definitely up the priority list! We must add though that the customer was one of the most hospitable and joyful people we met!

Would you get your new Volvo coated? Book now!

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