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Reviving a Black 2017 Mercedes Sprinter: From Oxidation Removal to Trim Restoration

In the charming city of Napa, California, Robust Auto Detailing recently undertook a project that not only challenged our skills but also allowed us to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to excellence. A customer approached us with a concern about the oxidation on their black 2017 Mercedes Sprinter, a vehicle that had started to lose its luster. Our task? To rejuvenate this workhorse while addressing its specific needs.

Understanding the Customer's Needs

Upon reviewing the images sent by the customer, it was clear that the Sprinter would benefit immensely from a two-step paint correction process, especially given its dark color and single stage paint. However, the customer emphasized that, as a delivery vehicle, perfection was not the priority. We listened and tailored our approach accordingly, ensuring we met their expectations without compromising on quality.

Beginning with a Thorough Cleanse

We initiated the restoration with our signature rinseless wash, a method that conservatively uses water yet effectively cleans the vehicle. A detailed inspection followed, leading us to conclude that while the vertical surfaces were in relatively good shape, the hood and other horizontal areas required clay bar treatment. This selective approach is a hallmark of our expertise.

Addressing the Oxidation: The Compounding Process

Next came the crucial step - a heavy compound process using a microfiber buffing pad and a robust compound on a high-speed buffer. This approach aggressively tackled the heavy swirls and oxidation, dramatically transforming the vehicle's appearance. The Sprinter's paint went from dull and lifeless to glossy and vibrant, as seen in the accompanying pictures.

Trim Restoration: Bringing Back the Black Sheen

An equally important aspect of this project was the restoration of the vehicle's black trim, which had significantly greyed over time. We meticulously cleaned the trim and applied multiple coats of professional trim restorer. While faded trim can never be fully restored to its original state, our method ensures a significant improvement, with regular maintenance advised every six months.

Final Touches: Detox Treatment and Graphene Sealant

The heavy compounding left considerable residue, which we diligently removed with a detox treatment. The final step in this Sprinter's revival was the application of a six-month graphene sealant, enhancing its newfound sheen and offering lasting protection.

A Satisfied Customer and a Dazzling Black Pearl

The transformation of the Mercedes Sprinter left the customer in awe. The vehicle, once a neglected delivery van, now boasted a finish akin to a 'dazzling black pearl.' The success of this project not only pleased our client but also attracted the admiration of onlookers, proving once again that at Robust Auto Detailing, we don't just clean vehicles; we transform them.

In the Bay Area and in need of expert auto detailing services? Look no further than Robust Auto Detailing. Whether it's a family car or a commercial fleet, we bring our expertise and attention to detail to every project. Contact us or book now.


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