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One and a Half Step Paint Correction & Graphene Coating on a Black Ford F250

This was a beautiful black Ford truck in Sebastopol that had lots and lots of scratches and swirls on it. The customer had purchased this vehicle a bit used and the two pictures above clearly show the cobwebs and swirls just after washing the car. After talking to the customer, I had originally planned to do a one-step polishing process on the vehicle but the problem was that there were way too many swirls and scratches while the black color showed all these imperfections way too clearly.

Therefore, I decided to do a ‘one and a half’ step correction. This was achieved by starting off with a medium cut polishing pad and using a polish with diminishing abrasives. After one pass, I then switched to using a soft finishing pad to achieve an eye-popping wet mirror look to the vehicle. It’s important to note that the vehicle was very swirled up. It could have used another day of compounding but I had to focus on other imperfections such as isolated water spots and even touching up several areas of the vehicle.

An example of isolated work were the headlights. Notice the etched and oxidized area on the top of the headlights. You can’t clear it up with a large buffer so I had to use a one inch rotary buffer to target that area to reach clarity. There were many areas on this vehicle where I had to surgically work in small areas to get rid of isolated blemishes or spots that would have stuck out like sore thumbs on a shiny car.

Overall, the car came out looking great. After this intense polishing process, I cleared up the residue with a dedicated residue eraser and then layered a graphene coating on top of it that would provide it with 3 years of protection.

All in all, this is a great example of how small details can add up and matter a lot. It took me about one and a half day to complete this vehicle, inside and outside. I wasn’t able to grab many pictures as my focus was to get the vehicle done in a timely manner. What do you think: do little details matter to you too? Comment below or if you’re ready to make an appointment for your vehicle, reach out to us or book online now.

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