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Super Advanced PPF Install: Custom Bulk Cut on a New Blue Toyota Supra 

Pittsburg, California: The customer had initially contacted us to get his new Toyota Supra protected against all physical damage on the front and sides of this car. His goal was to protect the front bumper, full hood, both full fenders, side skirts, and the guards on the vents when he eventually took the car on a track run. 

We decided to take on this challenge and do a full custom bulk cut install for this project. We started the process by giving the car our signature rinseless wash, drying it with a plush microfiber cloth, and then inspecting the painted surfaces to see if there were any defects. After the inspection, we gave the entire car a wipe-down with alcohol to strip the painted surfaces of all polish and wax residue. 

We started with installing the film on the hood which requires a 72" PPF film versus a conventional 60" PPF film cut. Above all, due to the extreme curvature of the hood, the film had to be strategically stretched to its limits while ensuring that it would tuck under the hood so that no seams would be visible on the hood. In a nutshell, from a consumer and installer standpoint, installing a full hood on the new Toyota Supra is one of the most advanced paint protection film installs ever! 

We then proceeded to install the bumper by using a smaller film roll and then adding relief cuts in areas where the film wouldn't stretch. Overall, save for a single seam, the entire bumper turned out to be a single-piece install on the blue Toyota Supra!

The rest of the film installed on the side fenders, side skirts, and vent panels was far easier to cut and we managed to tuck or install very close to the edges. Overall, despite the high-skill ceiling, our craftsmanship and experience allowed us to do a custom hand-cut install on the front and side of the new Toyota Supra.

Have you purchased a new car or looking to buy one? Paint Protection Films or PPFs are self-healing films that protect your car against all mechanical and physical damage that would normally lead to a repaint of the vehicle. At Robust, we can do customized and advanced film installs that will protect your car for years to come and save you thousands of dollars in resale value. Ready to get peace of mind for your new car? Get PPF now!

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