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Two Step Paint Correction & 3 Year Ceramic Coating on an Audi RS5 Nardo Grey Color, Napa, California

This 2019 Audi RS5 came with some deep scratches and swirls all over it. Initially, the customer wanted to simply do a one-step polishing and coating install but after looking at the surface, we recommended him to get a proper 2-step correction process to bring the car back to its full glory and take it beyond showroom condition.

A two-step paint correction involves carefully compounding the vehicle which is a process of mechanically abrading the surface of the car to remove deeper scratches and swirls. However, compounding is so aggressive that a second step of polishing the vehicle becomes essential in order to create a mirror-like finish that you can see in the pictures above. Check out the results below on a panel that was given a two-step process:

After the two-step process, the car was cleansed and primed using a dedicated surface cleanser and detox which ensured that the coating would bond properly to the surface of the vehicle.

The Audi RS5 was then given a coating installation that would protect the car for years to come. Fun fact, this was the second time the customer got their car coated from us. Once you get your first car coated, every single customer comes back to have their car re-coated by us when they purchase a new car.

Do you want to protect your car for years to come, preserve its value and make maintenance a breeze? Get your car coated now and as soon as you get it!

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