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Two Step Paint Correction & Graphene Ceramic Coating on a Silver Toyota Land Cruiser

St. Helena, Bay Area, California: This Toyota Land Cruiser was nearly 2 decades old but with very low milage. The customer kept it in relatively good condition. However, they wanted to make the car look exceptionally good while ensuring that it would remain glossy and protected for years to come.

First, we washed the car and then gave it a clay bar treatment. This removed all above surface contaminants. After that, the car was given a strong compounding pass that got rid of deeper scratches and swirls. Since compounding leaves swirl marks of its own, we then polished the vehicle with a medium to light cut polish with diminishing abrasives to ensure that the finish was slick, smooth and glossy.

After the polishing, the car was given a cleansing treatment with a detox product that stripped the polishing oils and residue to leave a clean and exposed surface that would ensure proper bonding of the coating to the painted surfaces.

The car was then coated with a graphene coating that left an extremely smooth, slippery and shiny surface that would protect the vehicle for years to come. Are you ready to get your car detailed and coated? Book now!


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