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Two Step Paint Correction on this Blue Camaro Turns it into a Mirror-Gloss Show-Car Ready Head Turner

Head Turning Two-Step Car Show Paint Correction for Blue Chevrolet Camero

American Canyon, California: The customer had purchased this blue Chevy Camaro as a retirement present for himself. The surface had light water spotting, paint protection film on the front, and light swirls all over the car. The customer had intended to place the vehicle at a car show and had asked us to take the gloss of the vehicle to the next level.

We started the process of paint correction by first washing the car with our signature foam cannon wash with deionized water and soft high-GSM wash mitts alongside ultra-plush premium drying towels. After the rinse, we blew out corners and crevices using a blower to ensure that no water droplets would interfere with the compounding and polishing of the vehicle. 

We inspected the surface of the Camaro and concluded that it didn't need a clay bar treatment so we went straight to compounding the paint with an aggressive foam wool heavy-cut pad and a heavy-cut compound to get rid of deeper scratches and swirls. Deep compounding left light swirls of its own which we removed using a second-step polishing job using a soft foam pad, dual-action finishing buffer, and medium-cut polish with diminishing abrasives. This combination of compounding and polishing left a mirror-like finish which made the Camaro a perfect candidate for any car show. 

The customer was blown away by how good the vehicle looked and plans to bring us back to put a 3-year coating the following week for the Camaro and paint correction for his Lincoln SUV. 

Did you know that your car's cosmetics are valued at about 30% of its retail price and having a professional paint correction done on your can increase its value by thousands of dollars? Keeping a meticulous appearance and protecting it using coatings can put money back into your wallet! Give us a call at 707-681-5944, email, or book our services right away.

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