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We Rejuvenated and Detailed A Neglected 1966 Red Mercedes To Bring Back its Gloss

This latest red 1966 Mercedes we detailed had been parked in the open exposed to the elements and had not moved an inch in 20 years! The clear coat had started chipping away and there were layers of debris embedded on the hood, wheels, fenders, doorjambs, and in every single noticeable panel of the car. The big challenge of working on a classic car is preventing further damage to the car's cosmetics while giving the paint, leather, and vinyl a glossy finish that would make the customer proud! Here's how we solved this puzzle:

Removing All Debris With a Blower and Soft Duster

In California, we get a lot of debris from trees. We started the cleaning process by using high-powered blowers and soft-bristled brushes to clear out any dirt and debris embedded in the nooks and crannies of the car's exterior and interior.

Pre-Treatment, Rinse, and Wash

Next, we used a pressure washer with a high hangle attachment to rinse and remove deeply embedded debris from the car. Once the surface was completely wet, we saturated the car's exterior surfaces with a mild all-purpose cleaner in conjunction with a ceramic foam shampoo which further softened and encapsulated the dirt on the vehicle. With soft and plush microfiber mitts, we agitated the soaped-up car and using a low pressure removed all the soap and detergents from the vehicle.

Clay Bar Treatment To Remove Above Surface Contamination

A clay bar is a sticky and moldable plastic that, in combination with a clay bar lubricant, can remove above-surface contaminants such as industrial fallout, minor sap, bug splatter residue, and debris deeply lodged on the surface of the vehicle.

Wheels Were Scrubbed Clean and the Tires Dressed

Using a pH-neutral detergent, we cleaned up the wheels, rinsed them with a pressure washer, and then dressed up the tires after the wheels dried. We left the wheels with a satin finish.

Graphine Sealant for Maximum Gloss and Protection

Once fully dried up and cleaned, we installed a graphene-based sealant on the car which not only enhanced the shine of the vehicle but also left a slick and hydrophobic surface that would protect the car's surface for 6-12 months.

Interior was Thoroughly Vacuumed

Using a moderate to high-powered vacuum, we blew and vacuumed the interior surfaces of the Mercedes. Using intricate detailing brushes, we cleaned up vents and provided a chiseled clean vinyl, leather, and plastic surface.

Interior Cleaning with Surface Safe Cleaner

Classic cars can be far more sensitive to cleaners compared to modern cars with more durable surface protection technologies. We used a soft cleaning agent with plush microfiber towels to ensure that all interior surfaces were cleaned without causing any harm to the plastic, vinyl, and leather. The floor mats were then removed, thoroughly cleansed, and then replaced.

Interior Protection for Leather, Fabric, and Vinyl

Lastly, we covered all high-traffic surfaces of the car's interior with protectants to help reduce chemical damage to the surfaces while reducing future oxidation.

Overall, the car came out looking great and the customer was blown away by how rejuvenated and restored the car looked from our Express Package, tailored for a classic car.

Whether you're looking to restore your classic prized possession or seeking to protect your new purchase, give us a call at 707-681-5944, email, or book our services right away.

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