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World Class Graphene Coating on a Silver Mustang Mach-E: The Gloss is Unbelievable, Pictures

Berkeley, Bay Area, California: This Ford Mustang Mach E was brought to us by a customer who was referred to us by another customer because of the quality of work we do. Silver colors are usually easy to work with and are an excellent choice for anyone looking preserve the look of their car for years. This is because silver colors usually hide scratches and swirls really well. White colors show fall out and chemical damage while black cars show scratches and swirls.

Overall, the car was in excellent condition and brand new. We washed the car and then gave it a one-step polishing and paint correction. After that, the car was cleansed with a dedicated detox and chemical remover that primes the surface for proper bonding of the vehicle.

After that, the coating was installed sectionally and the gloss just went to a whole new level. The graphene coating will now protect the vehicle for 5 or more years while making maintenance on this Mustang Mach E a breeze.

Are you ready to get your new car protected with the best coatings available from a company that has been doing automotive coatings for nearly a decade? Book us now!

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