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5-Year Ceramic Coating on a White Chevy Bolt in Napa, California

Napa, California, December 21st, 2022: Tom, from Napa, California, wanted to get his car protected and coated from us so he reached out to us in December and booked us to get his car done. We started working on his vehicle starting from mid-day and got it looking shiny and slick.

The car was given our regular ceramic coating installation treatment which involved a wash, surface decontamination and then polished. Proper polishing and surface decontamination takes time as you have to do one panel at a time.

After the car was polished, a proper detox treatment was given to the vehicle so that no polish residue would remain on the car. After that, the car was given a 5 year coating and now looks stunning and protected for years to come!

Book now to get your car coated and protected for years to come!

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